Air Freight

If you are worried about not getting a competitive price due to a lack of stable cargo volume committed to the airlines, or that you are not able to deliver goods on time due to space shortages in peak season, depends on where’s your shipment located, and the available schedules to your destination, we’ll choose the best suitable one for you as your loading airport, and offer the best solution to resolve your trouble.

We strategically chose air carrier partners based on the amount of their lift capacity and flight frequency. Through close partnerships with a number of airlines, to ensure the best combination of space allocation and competitive prices for our clients. As an air freight wholesaler, we are able to allocate between space supply and demand in different seasons.

Low cost, time-definite services, and proof of delivery, that’s what we are doing and we are good at it. We are always interested in new opportunities and supporting your business. We have a reliable network of worldwide agents that cover every corner of the world and allow us door-to-door capabilities including destination customs clearance/duties/taxes.

Tons of air freight annually

We take responsibility by striving for sustainability

We are committed to operating in a sustainable manner that creates value for our customers, employees, investors, communities, and other stakeholders. Our commitment to sustainability is visible at every stage of the value chain. Through a series of actions, we aim to achieve the objective: of maximizing long-term value creation while minimizing waste and costs.

Air Freight Services: Need a one-stop solution for your international air freight and forwarding needs, whereas a faster, safer, and cost-effective way to ship and track your cargo by air to anywhere across the globe? Look no further than Urban AG Logistics LP.


For the past years, Urban AG Logistics LP have been one of the leading forces in the international air shipping and logistics industry thanks to its commitment to providing nothing short of proficiency for customers seeking specified air shipping requirements. We are not an ordinary air transportation company as you will learn when acquiring our services. Our company operates from a strategic location in the US and offers the most customizable and cost-effective expedited air shipping in and out of the country.

Urban AG Logistics LP is made up of a groundbreaking workforce consisting of some of the most well-trained and experienced people in the air freight business. As a result, our services are cleverly designed and proven to provide you and your business with quality air freight forwarder services and shipments tailored to your precise needs, be it timing or budget. Whether you own a small business and want it to grow or are already at the top of your industry and want to keep it that way, and require reliable air freighting service that fits your company’s needs, you can trust our company to deliver what you need, when and where you need it on time and in perfect condition.

Customers can count on Urban AG Logistics LP’ excellent supply chain to provide the best logistics for their businesses. Our experts will analyze your business and formulate a quicker, safer, and cost-effective way to deliver your cargo to the specified destination, eliminating problems that may occur along the way. During the delivery process, our team will accurately track your shipment’s location and condition from point of origin to its final destination. Urban Wave Couriers services are also tied to every major airport from the US to across the globe, making air shipping, tracking and storage that much more convenient for all customers.

Urban AG Logistics LP also handle all of the work so you won’t have to. Our team will provide booking, shipping, handling, documentation and air carrier, all at affordable pricing. Additionally, our experts provide their support around the clock so customers can contact us at any time that is convenient to them.

If you want a speedy, reliable, customizable, and affordable service for your air freight and logistic requirements, then don’t delay. Please contact Urban AG Logistics LP today. You are guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction when you choose our services.