If you require a quality Road Freight Services ( Road Transport ) logistics provider that abides to your precise shipping needs with reliable, time-reducing, and cost-effective results, then the services of Urban AG Logistics LP are right for you. Today, Urban AG Logistics LP can provide you with highly professional, flexible, complete customized logistics services, including Road Transport Services, Air freight services, Ocean shipping services, inland trucking services, Custom brokerage, Pet Shipping services, and many more.

In order to guarantee our customers the highly efficient, high quality, and cost-effective services that they desire, we have a network consisting of several offices situated in every major city across the US including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Hong Kong, Ningbo, and Tianjin. Providing Quality Road Freighting Services, At Urban AG Logistics LP, we already know that you require optimum efficiency and professionalism for your Inland Transportation needs, be it your budgets, location, or time constraints. So we supply you with an array of streamlined features when you want the most reliable and cost-effective domestic trucking and inland transportation services that span every city in the US. Hence, you can look forward to enlisting the help of a high-quality and efficient inland road freight partner that acts as an all-in-one solution for all of your logistics requirements.

We, at Urban AG Logistics LP, believe that our clients deserve 100% satisfaction when choosing the most reliable and streamlined services in the industry. Therefore, we strive to offer you both quality inland transportation in order to deliver your cargo, and advice for the most efficient transit features that efficiently suit the cargo and your budget. Urban AG Logistics LP adheres to your personal requirements, be it special handling, budgeting or timing, and then devises the appropriate mode of operation that suits to those requirements, ensuring that all your cargo reaches its destination in the most affordable and convenient transportation available.

In addition, we offer you more benefits like reduced cargo damages and improved loss prevention, so that you experienced reduced transit costs without any compromising on the quality of service.